Case Study Concannon


Cloacina provided a 24,000 Gallon Per Day (GPD) MEMPAC-I and all appurtenant equipment for the Concannon bottling facility located in Livermore, California. The package plant was designed, fabricated and installed in less than 30 days. Cloacina and Fluid Resource Management provided complete design/build services and assisted the Client with city and county permitting. The MEMPAC-I reclaims 100% of the treated effluent which Concannon uses for vineyard irrigation. There is a city sewer connection but it has never been utilized.

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Featured Product: IBR


Cloacina’s Industrial Batch Reactor™ (IBR) is a package wastewater treatment plant that treats industrial wastewater utilizing activated sludge and clarification in a single vessel. All interior and exterior components are manufactured from high-quality, corrosion-resistant materials. The tank and equipment skid are fabricated from stainless steel. Cloacina’s IBR is ideal for clients needing a wastewater system with a small footprint that can pre-treat wastewater prior to sewer disposal, sub-surface reuse and frost and/or dust control water. The system includes a cutting-edge control system which allows facility staff to remotely access, monitor and make changes to the plant, collect data for reporting, view live on-site video and verify the completion of routine maintenance. The IBR is factory-tested, completely assembled prior to shipment and is easy to install, operate and maintain. Models are available for buried, partially-buried and above-grade installations. The Industrial Batch Reactor can be installed in compact and remote locations. Learn more here:

Coming Soon to Peshastin, WA


Cloacina is proud to announce that a CEMPAC Sludge Thickening System is coming soon to the Chelan County Public Utility District in Peshastin, WA! This system will dewater Waste Activated Sludge (WAS) and filtrate backwash prior to the digester, ultimately improving digester efficiency. The CEMPAC is expected to ship in April. Stay tuned for more project details and photos.

New Product: MEMPAC-H


The MEMPAC™-H is a hybrid equipment supply package designed for both municipal and industrial clients that need wastewater treatment equipment, but either already have or intend to supply their own tankage and piping. The MEMPAC-H is designed to accommodate extremely large projects and foreign clients that wish to minimize overseas shipping costs. This MEMPAC model uses Ultra Filtration (UF) membrane clarification and can either be a stand-alone unit or a complete Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) treatment system. These systems have expedited fabrication and delivery times and reduced on-site installation costs.

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