As summer officially arrives and resorts, campgrounds, RV parks and recreational areas hit their maximum capacities, collection system workers have to respond to emergencies and system failures due to foreign objects being flushed down the toilet.  Bikini tops, watermelon rinds, goggles, baseballs, tents and a pair of blue jeans are just a few of the large inorganics found locally in the volutes of pumps that resulted in sewage overflowing and water systems being shut down in peak seasons. 

As a result of many 3:00 a.m. emergency callouts, Cloacina developed a packaged headworks system to catch all the baseballs and blue jeans accidentally flushed by summer enthusiasts.  This headworks system, which includes an inlet screen, removes large inorganic material, like pup tents, that can cause damage to downstream wastewater treatment equipment.  It is manufactured and fully-assembled at the factory, including integrated screens, which allows for quick installation and saves clients money in engineering and construction costs as well as the costs associated with emergency callouts due to equipment failure.