Cloacina’s ownership team began installing, operating and maintaining competitors’ winery wastewater treatment systems in 1999. Dismayed by the poor quality of equipment available, they launched Cloacina LLC and perfected a line of wastewater treatment plants for wineries: The Stage I™, MEMPAC™ and Industrial Batch Reactor™.

Cloacina’s winery models treat high-strength process waste with various flow ranges and discharge requirements and produce high-quality effluent suitable for reuse. All tankage and equipment skids are fabricated from stainless steel to facilitate long-term treatment while maintaining the high aesthetic standards of wineries. The energy-efficient winery models are designed to handle the cyclical organic and hydraulic loading associated with wine making. An integrated pH adjustment system automatically controls pH levels and the SCADA/controls package allows personnel to monitor and make changes to the system through any device with an Internet connection.