The Tesoro Viejo Development is a fresh take on a master-planned community. Boasting 5,190 homes, a tree-lined town center with shops and cafes, an open-air plaza, a centralized school, parks and hundreds of acres of preserved natural open space, Tesoro Viejo aims to transform southeast Madera County in California. Cloacina is proud to have been selected as the supplier for Phases I and II of the wastewater treatment plant of this award-winning development. 

Cloacina has designed and constructed a 332,000 Gallon Per Day (GPD) MEMPAC-M™ package Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) that will reclaim 100% of development wastewater for unrestricted, beneficial re-use. During Phase I, plant capacity will ramp up from 10,000 to 332,000 GPD, commensurate with the growth of the development, while meeting discharge requirements. To this end, all tanks, equipment and controls are on hand for easy conversion from a low-flow to a full-plant configuration. The MEMPAC-M is complemented by a Cloacina DRYPAC™ system for the dewatering and disposal of sludge produced as a by-product of the MBR system. The modular design of the Phase I MEMPAC-M enables it to be readily and economically expanded to Phase II which would double its treatment capacity to 664,000 GPD.

The Tesoro Viejo MEMPAC-M is currently undergoing Factory Acceptance Testing in Cloacina’s production facility located on California’s Central Coast. The unit will ship in early May of 2018. Cloacina is excited to be a key contributor to Tesoro Viejo’s wastewater solution and integral to this progressive development’s utilities infrastructure. Stay tuned for updates on this revolutionary packaged wastewater system.