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Rob Miller

San Luis Obispo, CA


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Installation Contractor

Robin Ransford

Arroyo Grande, CA




Nick Pokrajac



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  • Cloacina provided a complete pretreatment system for the property owner who leases the facility to a winery client
  • The project was the first pretreatment system constructed in Templeton, CA and had to be approved by the Community Services District (CSD) before construction. Cloacina assisted in the approval process by taking CSD staff to inspect another Cloacina winery membrane bioreactor, providing sample data and the Operations and Maintenance Manual (OMM) for approval
  • The system was delivered in two complete trains
  • The MEMPAC-I was installed and ready to receive process waste in 14 business days
  • Cloacina provided the winery staff with an Operations and Maintenance Manual (O&MM), operator checklists, draft reporting documents, Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and on-site training
  • The MBR effluent quality exceeded the discharge requirements to such a degree that the CSD is considering utilizing the treated effluent as supplemental irrigation water on a public sports field adjacent to the client’s property
  • The client has a permit with the Regional Water Quality Control Board (RWQCB) for irrigating on-site landscaping with the treated effluent to limit discharge to the sanitary sewer
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LIFT STATION: Package fiberglass duplex pump station which included: slide rails, pump bases, pumps, level transducer, redundant floats, valve vault, isolation valves, aluminum lid and two locking hatches

HEADWORKS: Influent flow meter, self-cleaning auger screen, grit trap and automated pH adjustment system with sensor, pump and controls

PRIMARY TREATMENT: Roughing filter, fixed media, two-zone distribution header with auto valve, aeration header, auto aeration valves and aeration feed valve

SECONDARY TREATMENT: Fine bubble aeration diffusers, aeration blower, auto air valve, dissolved oxygen sensor and air lift RAS pump

CLARIFICATION: Flat sheet membrane, level transducer, air supply valve, auto permeate valve, permeate flow meter, CFM meter, online MLSS meter, clean-in-place pump, effluent pump, effluent flow meter and sludge wasting pump

CONTROLS: Stainless steel MCC panel, touch screen controls computer and controls program

ADDITIONAL: Aluminum stairs and catwalk, self-cleaning system for pH, DO and MLSS probes and HD security camera

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