High-strength, industrial process waste: wineries, breweries and food production.


Cloacina’s Industrial Batch Reactor™ (IBR) is a packaged wastewater treatment plant that treats industrial and municipal wastewater utilizing Activated Sludge and clarification in a single vessel. All interior and exterior components are manufactured from high-quality, corrosion-resistant materials. The tank and equipment skid are fabricated from stainless steel. Cloacina’s IBR is ideal for clients needing a wastewater system with a small footprint that can pre-treat wastewater prior to sewer disposal, sub-surface reuse and frost and/or dust control water. The system includes cutting-edge SCADA/controls which allows the facility staff to remotely access, monitor and make changes to the plant, collect data for reporting, view live on-site video and verify the completion of routine maintenance. The IBR is factory-tested and completely assembled prior to shipment. The IBR is easy to install, operate and maintain. Models are available for buried, partially-buried and above-grade installations. The Industrial Batch Reactor™ can be installed in compact and remote locations.


  • 304 stainless steel tankage
  • Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) package
  • Semi-sound attenuated, positive displacement blowers
  • All sensory/major system equipment mounted on Cloacina’s Slide Rail Systems™
  • Above-ground installation with integral equipment skid


  • Enclosed equipment skid
  • Influent screening
  • pH adjustment system
  • Package lift station
  • Prefabricated control building
  • Sludge disposal equipment
  • Effluent flow metering
  • Incorporation of existing controls equipment into Cloacina’s SCADA package
  • Energy saving SCADA package upgrades
  • Additional equipment sound attenuation
  • Thermal protection
  • Mobile units
  • Odor mitigation equipment
  • Equipment installation
  • A variety of grating and covers available
  • Buried installation with internal lift station, influent screen and flow meter
  • Project management
  • On-line automation support and system monitoring
  • Operations and maintenance training and services