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Rob Miller

San Luis Obispo, CA


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Installation Contractor

Robin Ransford

Arroyo Grande, CA


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The Wine Group

Kevin Baskin

Director of Engineering


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  • Cloacina provided a 24,000 Gallon Per Day (GPD) MEMPAC-I and all appurtenant equipment for the Concannon bottling facility located in Livermore, California
  • After design and in-house fabrication, the package plant was installed in less than 30 days
  • Cloacina and Fluid Resource Management provided complete design/build services and assisted the Client with city and county permitting
  • The MEMPAC-I reclaims 100% of the treated effluent which Concannon uses for vineyard irrigation
  • There is a city sewer connection but it has never been utilized
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LIFT STATION: There were multiple existing lift stations which were rehabilitated and converted to new, upgraded slide rail pump systems with Cloacina controls as part of the overall project

EQUALIZATION: Cloacina provided a 23,000 gallon 304 stainless steel equalization tank with a stainless steel equipment skid that included aeration and transfer equipment controlled by the Cloacina system

PRIMARY TREATMENT: Roughing filter utilizing fixed media with distribution header and automated feed valve

to the anoxic/aeration tank. This system also included a fixed film reactor freshening and aeration system.

SECONDARY TREATMENT: Fine bubble aeration diffuser, aeration blower, Dissolved Oxygen sensor for DO control of

aeration blower and RAS pump

BIOLOGICAL NUTRIENT REMOVAL: Cloacina provided an integral anoxic tank and mixing equipment with ORP monitoring for BNR

MEMBRANE CLARIFICATION: Fibracast submerged membranes, level transducer, SCFM meter, permeate/backpulse pump, permeate flow meter, on-line MLSS for automated wasting and automated CIP system

IRRIGATION SUPPLY: Cloacina integrated a pressure pump system to supply treated effluent for irrigation and sanitation purposes, further reducing the demand on potable water for the wastewater equipment

CONTROLS: Stainless steel MCC panel(s), touch screen HMI and remote monitoring

SCANUAL™: This system included Cloacina’s unique electronic O&M manual and equipment identification system

SLUDGE DEWATERING: Included a 10,000 gallon, 304 stainless steel tank with 8 GPM sludge Volute Dewatering Press and polymer make-up system